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Keeping You Secured In An Unsecured World


We are changing the way people view security.  As time goes on, police department resources have been stretched thinner and thinner , and their ability to conduct proactive actions to prevent crime has become even more diminished. This gap between what the community needs, and what the police are able to provide, grows larger every year.  This is where Mase Protective Services steps in and fills the gap and strive to work alongside law enforcement agencies to make our communities safer.

We provide professional security and investigative services for residetial, business, and retail clients.  We are a securty solutions provider with cost-effective options to secure your business or home.  Trained and certified, uniformed or plain-clothed, and armed/unarmed security officers are available 24/7.  Phone (210) 441-6551 to ask for a security consultation.

Maintenance and Repair
Wireless Security Alarms
Remote Monitoring & Access control.

Whether you require a more subtle monitoring system, a bold visual deterrent or you are not actually sure what would be ideal, then you need not worry.  We offer a wide range of CCTV camera options to choose from.  We will explain in full detail all the CCTV cameras we supply and install and how they all work.


One of the most precarious installation jobs you can face is the mounting of your television.  There are many different ways to do it, and may ways to make mistakes.  We don't tap and listen for the studs like the amatures do it, we do it right using updated equipment.  TV mounting can be performed on a variety of walls and other structures, but each one has its own unique quirks.  That is why allowing a qualified professional to conduct the installation for you is the wisest choice.  Mase Protective services has performed 1000+ TV mounting projects throughout the San Antonio and surrounding areas for the past 5 years, so let us do the hard work and ensure that your TV is mounted right the first time and will last for years.  There is no subsitute for a job done right by a skilled technician.  Would you rather pay cheap and have your TV come crashing down, or would you rather pay for a skilled, qualified professional and have it done right the first time? 

Door Upgrades

Mase Protective Services recommend door upgrades, especially if your home is 10 years or older it's time to upgrade. We upgrade your door locks, strikers, jamb, and hinges if needed. 

Wireless motion detector receiver kit with a 1/2 mile radio range.  The motion detecting sensor detects a person or vehicle passing by out to about 400 feet away.  The sensor will then send a signal back to the receiver.

Apart from the installation of your security camera systems, we offer maintenance of your security devices as well.  You can go with our maintenance plan.  If you need any kind of inspections of your security camera system we are just a call away.  Maintaning your CCTV security system us a very crucial part of the service and it's our mission to make sure your systems stays running at it's peak performance.