Keeping You Secured In An Unsecured World


We provide professional security and investigative services for residetial, business, and retail clients.  We are a securty solutions provider with cost-effective options to secure your business or home.  Trained and certified, uniformed or plain-clothed, and armed/unarmed security officers are available 24/7.  Phone (210) 441-6551 to ask for a security consultation.
Mase Protective Services supplies a host of responsive security solutions with customized security alternatives for each client.  We have a broad range of customers in San Antonio from apartment complexes, car dealerships, hotels, and warehouses. 
Maintenance and Repair
Wireless Security Alarms
Remote Monitoring & Access control.

Whether you require a more subtle monitoring system, a bold visual deterrent or you are not actually sure what would be ideal, then you need not worry.  We offer a wide range of CCTV camera options to choose from.  We will explain in full detail all the CCTV cameras we supply and install and how they all work.

CCTV Maintenance

Apart from the installation of your security camera systems, we offer maintenace of your security devices as well. You can go with our maintenance plan.  If you need any kind of inspection of your security camera system we are just a call away.  Maintaning your CCTV security system is a very crucial part of the service and it's or mission to make sure your systems stays running at it's peak performance.

Door Upgrades

Mase Protective Services recommend door upgrades, especially if your home is 10 years or older it's time to upgrade. We upgrade your door locks, strikers, jamb, and hinges if needed. 

Wireless motion detector receiver kit with a 1/2 mile radio range.  The motion detecting sensor detects a person or vehicle passing by out to about 400 feet away.  The sensor will then send a signal back to the receiver.

Working directly with our security team, Mase Protective Services offers a knowledgeable team of security camera experts.  We understand the inner workings off all our products in depth and can help maintain your system whether it be commercal, residential or industrial purposes.