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Keeping You Secured In An Unsecured World


Free Security Camera System.

Sign a security agreement with Mase Protective Services, and receive a free Samsung 8Channel 4 Camera security system, with free installation.  Yes you read it correctly.  Mase Protective Services is the only security company that has an offer like this.  Sign a 1 year security service agreement and receive a Samsung 8 Channel-4 Camera security system.*

Mase Protective Services provides mobile nightly patrol stops at a variety of properties.  These stops consist of scheduled or random stops to inspect the exterior and/or interior of a property.  If you need to have a building locked up or gates secured at a certain time, we can take care of that for you.

Our Nightly Patrol Services:

Property Check: Where  a patrol officer gets out of the vehicle and conducts a visual property check of the premises and leaves an activity property.

LOCKUPS: If you need any doors, gates, or accessways secured at a certain time,an M.P.S. Patrol officer will ensure the mission is complete.

INITIAL CHECK: Beginning of each shift an M.P.S. Patrol Officer will conduct a check on the premises to ensure all doors, gates, windows, garage doors are locked and secured, conduct a visual inspection of the property and leave an activity report.

An activity report is a report generated by M.P.S. Patrol Officer on what was done, any unusual activity, and any suggestions for your property such as security lights out, locks not working, window broken or whatever the case maybe.  Whatever it is, we will not leave you in the dark and there is no situation that is not able to be handled by Mase Protective Services.


Building Check

Activity Report

Continous Nightly Patrol


Building Check

Activity Reports

Property Lockup

Patrol Services Rate
Drive by Patrol Services: $13.95 per Visit
The Price Breakdown below is based on 3 patrols per day, 7 days a week

Estimated Monthly Cost


PER STOP:                              $13.95
Per Day(3 Stops)                   $41.85
Per Week (21 Stops)             $292.95
Per Month (90 Stops)          $1,255.50

Benefits of mobile patrol stops include:

>>>Cost savings for properties that do not require full time on-site security staff.

>>>Provide protection and deterrence against crime.

>>>Highly visible, marked security vehicles.

>>>Staff will deal with any incidents they find based on property management guidelines.

>>>Provide reports of anything found at the property.

Post Orders can be customized for your property and will include :

a. Guard will patrol the parking lot and cite any illegally park vehicle.

b. Guard will respond to resident calls & complaints in a timely manner

c. Illegally parked vehicles in fire lanes must be towed.

d. Guard will lock and or open up facilities at a time approved by you.

e. Guard will report burned out light bulbs and notify the proper contact.

f. A detailed Daily Activity Report must be completed after every shift


Uniformed agents will patrol in marked vehicle and stop at each property during the designated hours for the designated amount of patrols inspecting building and scanning their chips on those properties. Unusual activity will be inspected and reported to management or local law enforcement. A copy of Incident Reports and Daily Activity Reports will be sent to management. Electronic record of the inspections will be emailed weekly if requested.

Our security officers will serve as a visible deterrent with full professional law enforcement style uniforms that reflect their authority.  Our clients may pick from our styles of uniforms that they feel would best suit their needs.  Formal, Business Casual , and Tactical dress options are available.

Patrol Service and Security Officers in San Antonio

Mase Protective Services, offers patrol services using highly trained officers and security guards throughout San Antonio.  We offer a full range of security guards services in San Antonio which are ideal for business of any size. The major difference between Mase Protective Services and other security firms comes from the quality and training of our officers, thorough administrative supervision and state of the art equipment and technology.

MPS provides patrol services with professional staff utilizing marked patrol vehicles and the latest technology. For locations that need to have a security presence, but do not have the need for continuous on-site security officer(s), then patrol services may be right for you. Benefits of patrol services are:

  • Regular checks of your property
  • Detailed reporting of all observations
  • Enforcement action against trespassers or other criminal activity
  • Lock-Up / Unlock / Alarm Response services
  • Parking enforcement services
  • Security visibility at a fraction of the cost as compared to on-site services

Security Patrol Service in San Antonio, Tx

We provide security guard, and security patrol in addition to a vast array of other security services. Our security guard San Antonio officers are the best in the business.  We are highly sought after in the area because of the professionalism and high presence they provide.  

Our security guards exemplify strong authority and have a prominent rapport with local law enforcement. Our Security Guards in San Antonio can be seen patrolling many different businesses.  The point is that no matter where you need private security services in Southern California we can provide you with local top notch security guards and patrol security specialist.