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Keeping You Secured In An Unsecured World

Here at Mase Protective Services we proudly offer high quality installation packages to suit all your security needs.  From domestic properties to commercial and industrial sites, we offer the best and most cost effective solutions when it comes to security.

Our CCTV offers increased protection from all types of crime, helping you make sure that your property remains safe and secure from burglars and intruders at all times.  Covering South Central Texas, our Install-Techs will help to keep your property safe 24hours 7 days a week.

Your CCTV cameras have day and night image technology wheihc means you can have those active 24 hours a day and will still be able to see what is happening even when it is dark.  We have a wide range of DVRs to suit your needs.

You can also choose between a bullet or dome camera.  All of which are very effective.  Your DVR can be connected to a TV so you can see what is happening.  Take a look below at our CCTV install packages.

MPS CCTV Package 
$700 (4 Cameras)
  • Full Professional Installation
  • 45 Minutes of Training of your DVR
  • Configure Unlimited Devices for Remote Viewing
  • Installation of Samsung 8 Channel 1080P Full HD DVR 1TB HDD 4 Security Cameras

Call for your free site survey, consultation and quote today.

The question is not can you afford it. The question is can you afford not to have one?

Small Store, Restaurant and Bar owners -- Protect yourself from unnecessary lawsuits by drunks or liability. Many lawsuits stop after police view the video. Don't take the chance of being sued when a CCTV can stop frivolous lawsuits and liability claims. We also upgrade existing systems with old cameras. If you have a system wired already we can save you substantial money on upgrading to high resolution cameras that have video that will stand up in legal actions.

Discrete confidential installation. We can provide hidden cameras as well. Our installers do not talk to employees or discuss anything during installation. We even install late at night. Whatever your needs are, we are here to protect you, your home, your business, your finances, your life.

Mase Protective Services provides high quality installations and service of security surveillance, alarms and access control. From the smallest installations to the largest, most complex integrations, you can be sure that you will receive the best equipment and the personal attention you deserve. Our security agents believe that the customer comes first, and in the current economic climate that means that you should be able to feel secure without going broke. So, call us today at 210-441-6551 and let us show you how surprisingly affordable it can be to get the peace of mind you deserve.


Have the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with an experienced CCTV installation company. Our agents pride themselves in the satisfaction of our customers. Our customers range from residential security camera installations, business CCTV systems and large warehouse installations. Our trained agents have completed entire community security camera systems throughout south Central Texas.


Our installation process

Free Consultation:
Our team will provide a free, on site survey of your property. We will recommend a design with the equipment that will best meet your needs. Our security survey will include correct placement of security cameras and we will ensure that the security camera system will meet the specifications required to meet your expectations. We will provide you with a no obligation estimate that will include the cost of running all the low voltage power, video cables, recording device, installation of all the security cameras, configuration of the network and DVR including optimal motion detection settings and notification, and finally training of the entire system including remote access by computers and smart phones.

Installation scheduled:
Once all specifications are agreed on, we will schedule the installation date and assign a team to perform the installation. Unlike most CCTV companies, we are usually able to schedule installation to start in a very short period of time because everything we sell is in stock here in our warehouse.

Install your security camera system: Our team will show up as scheduled and will install your surveillance system. We will do our very best to not interrupt your business operations. The installation will normally begin with the running of the low voltage cables, then the security cameras will be mounted, positioned and configured. The next step will be the head end, where we will install the power supplies and the recording device. At this time we will make any necessary improvements in camera positioning and configurations.

Networking and configuration:
Once the physical installation is complete, we will connect the DVR to your network, configure your router to allow you to access your cameras from anywhere in the world, install the smart phone applications on your Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile device and test the entire system.

The final stage of the installation is the training phase. We will teach you and anyone you designate how to use the system, how to search and download footage, and how to access your security cameras remotely. 

Mase Protective Services specializes in video security surveillance system design and installation.
Our expert design team draws from a large range of technologies to customize our surveillance solutions to meet any challenge.