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Keeping You Secured In An Unsecured World

Mase Protective Services

                                                           Home Security Systems

There are many providers claiming experience installing Security cameras, but very few are honest and experienced.. If you are an educated consumer you should know that the cheapest deals are most of the time waste of money and time, and think twice before you decide who you let into your home or office, and give them your most important access to your security system, don’t think to much and call the experts in Security Cameras.


Closed Circuit Television is often confused for first time user of a surveillance system, cctv, surveillance cameras, and security cameras always refer to the same technology and type of equipment, what really makes the difference is who you use to get the system, and what technology they use. Get engaged with a Texas Licensed Professional, and we won’t have to do your project twice.

                                              Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras are always the first idea that comes to home users and business owners when trying to find a simple solution to install a surveillance system, and yes! it could be simpler than other options as long as the other options would be having to run wires in hard to reach places if that is not your case, keep with regular CCTV cameras wiring plan.

Security Camera System Maintenance
 Do you have existing security camera system that needs repairing, upgrading or maintenance service? Look no further. Mase Protective Services LLC, we are always ready to offer top notch security services. We specialize in CCTV system maintenance, upgrade or repair.  Additionally we offer maintenance agreements that would keep your security camera system up and running at the highest optimum level of efficiency.  Proper installation, repair and maintenance will help your security camera system to sustain the highest standards.  For more details visit our SERVICE page. We save you the time and hassel and you only have to stop at one place, that's Mase Protective Services where we strive to live up to our motto:
Keeping You Secured In An Unsecured World.

Factors that distinguish us from others:

-We show up when you call us. 
- When you need us a couple of years down the road, we'll be here. Not left town like some others.
-We have the best team of professionals(regulary drug tested).
-You can rest assured about the successful installation of your security camera system.
-You can get the most affordable service through us.
-If you need any sort of consultation regarding security camera installation, you can get in touch with us anytime.
-We often offer free service calls for prior customers depending on the issue.



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